Budgie Lifespan: How Long Do Budgies Live?

Good, question. The answer is that it really depends on how well you care for them. If you take great care of your budgie, they can easily live for 10-15 years. But, if you just dump them in a cage and top up their seed occasionally, theyíll probably die by around the age of 5.

Unfortunately, the lifespan of the average pet budgie is 5 years, partly because so many people who own them donít know how to look after them. The second problem is cost. Do you spend £150+ on a veterinary visit, or buy a new bird for £7-8? Many people choose to buy a new budgie.

In fact, the average budgie sees a vet once in its life, when itís dying or seriously ill and needs to be euthanized.

If commercial breeders didnít churn out so many birds, they wouldnít be so cheap to replace. Thatís something that we canít change directly. What we can change is how we acquire our budgies; if more of us adopt, breeders will be forced to produce fewer birds, and weíll help take the strain off animal shelters.

How To Increase Your Budgieís Lifespan

Just like with people, thereís no magic pill or quick fix thatíll give your budgie a longer life. The only way to give your budgie the best chance at a long life is to keep them healthy. That means healthy diet, plenty of exercise, minimal stress, mental stimulation, and good medical care when needed.

The good news is that good budgie care is pretty simple, and straightforward.

Diet and Exercise

A healthy budgie diet consists of either seeds or pellets, and plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables.

It can be difficult to get them to start eating their greens if theyíve been fed on seed for a long time, but the health benefits are well worth some patience on your part. You see, ripe seeds are high in fat, high in calories, and pretty low in vitamins and minerals. Knowing that, itís easy to see why your budgie needs a more varied diet than seed mixture, if itís to live a long life.

Regular exercise is easy to provide, you just open the cage door, and let your budgie explore your home. Hours spent flying, climbing and hopping around will help keep your budgie in great shape. And, you can also get budgie toys that encourage climbing, to give your bird some extra incentive to move around.

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Low Stress Levels

The easiest way of keeping your budgieís stress levels low is to make sure their cage is in a suitable position, where they wonít constantly be exposed to loud noises, or sudden movement. This is important all the time, but especially important at night, when theyíre trying to sleep.

Constant lack of sleep is bad for anyone, and is quite a common complaint among pet budgies. Budgies like to get to sleep around the middle of the evening, so unless you go to bed early most nights your bird could easily be kept awake by loud conversation, the television, or radio.

Aside from exploring and play, the perfect way for a budgie to be mentally stimulated is by interacting with you, their loving owner. You see, budgies are flock animals, who need others around to feel good. In the wild a budgies often need to communicate, and co-operate, with each other, so theyíre programmed to enjoy it.

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Good Medical Care

We all need medical care from time to time. I donít know what your budgetís like, but for most of us it isnít too hard to put a little away each month, to cover emergency expenses. It doesnít have to be much, because it soon adds up. The other option is pet insurance.

After Word

Like I said, itís not complicated to take good care of your budgie, and improve their lifespan, but it does take some effort, and good habits, on your part.